To be approved by the BFA each futurity must be a member of the BFA, and submit to the Board of Directors a copy of their ground rules, payoffs, entry fees, all other charges to contestants (stall fees, starter fees, camping fees, etc.). These must be to the betterment of the futurity industry, and to the good of the contestants and sponsors.

Futurities seeking approval shall provide an adequate timing system.

Futurities shall provide adequate stalling, watering systems for the contestants’ horses. Notification of when these will be ready and when the arena is open shall be in their advertisements.

Paid up contestants shall be recorded and kept current. At any time that this list is requested, Futurity Secretary shall furnish it to the Board of Directors.

Books kept on each approved futurity shall be available to the Board of Directors and/or the officers of the BFA upon request. These books shall include all late fees, etc.

Grounds shall be worked to the best ability of each futurity.

Barrels will be staked and grounds dragged after every five (5) runners or number to be posted. Drags must be posted if Futurity chooses to drag after every five (5) runners.

New futurities must add a minimum of $5,000.00


1. Sponsors desiring to hold a BFA approved futurity shall submit an approval form to the national office preferably three months prior to advertising their event.

2. The signed approval must be returned to the BFA office before approval is granted.

3. The approval fee must be paid before the approval certificate will be issued.
APPROVAL FEE: The BFA approval fee is $100.00.

4. Any ground rules contradictory to or in addition to the BFA rules must be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval. Such rules must be posted at all times with the draw at the futurity office.

5. Endorsement Request forms may be signed by the BFA Secretary and shall be back into the national office preferably three (3) months before advertising their futurity.

6. If a futurity is not BFA approved, a date can be given to someone else that wants to hold an approved futurity on these dates.

7. All futurities must send results to the Secretary within seven (7) days following the last day of the futurity.

8. A futurity will use electronic timers and barrels and timers must be staked at all futurities.

9. If a contestant is riding more than one horse, there must be a least one drag between their runs.

10. Futurity must be open to any horse four (4) years old and under. The horse shall not have competed in a barrel race before November 15th of previous year. The age of unregistered horses will be determined by veterinarian. The decision of the veterinarian will be final on horses not registered. Derby horses must be six (7) years and under. Horses can be run one year in a futurity if a four year old and three years in the derby (5) & (6) & (7) years old.
Juvenile Horses will be (3) year old or under and shall not have competed in a barrel race before November 15th of their (3)years old year. $uper $takes Horses will be (3) years of age with $uper $takes being their 1st barrel competition. No Substitutions after October 1st 3 pm. Exhibitions can not be taken durning a competition race (Jackpots, Rodeos, Shows, 4D’s etc. This will be considered a competition run prior to November 15th, eligibility rule. For example: Ghost Riderexhibitions are not allowed. Exhibitions must be open to any horse any rider.

11. To enter barrel futurities, horse must have never competed in any barrel race or futurity prior to November 15th of previous year. (exception juvenile Horses may compete after November 15th of (3) year old year). Horses may have entered in other events.

12. Prize money must be broken down in each event and published in all advertisements. Anything charged to a contestant must be published on entry sheet.

13. Starting fee: $5,000.00 added money – $20.00 starting fee; $5,100.00 to $7,500.00 added money – $25 starting fee; $7,501.00 and up added money – $35.00 starting fee. Starting fee shall not exceed $35.00 for a BFA approved futurity.

14. If a BFA futurity is cancelled, producer may keep office fees and 1/2 of late fees, allother fees must be returned.

15. Substitutions. Substitutions are up to each individual committee. However, the substitution proposal must be presented for the BFA Board of Directors to approve and must be published in the flier. There may not be more than one (1) BFA approved futurity held on the same dates within 500 miles.

For help and any questions, contact: Cindy Arnold, Phone: (918) 773-5246 ~ Fax: (918) 773-5478